Rhodophiala hybrids? Scilla

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Sun, 23 Aug 2015 08:04:33 PDT
If I remember rightly, the Z. drummondii have the female part is way down ib the flower and you would probably need a qtip to assist in getting pollen to it.
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>Not sure what Rhodophialas Garak has, but why not try? After all, rhodophialas used to be called Amaryllis/Hippeastrum advena. They must have looked pretty darned similar to the "Amaryllis/Hipps of the day. Sometimes one reads that R. bifida, a common heirloom bulb in Central Texas and the Texas "Hill Country" was a sterile hybrid or clone that couldn't reproduce via seeds. But that idea flew out the window when I raised some pink Rhodophialas from seed and set them out near the original R. bifida - their bloom periods coincided and everybody set seed! I received these seeds from Osmani Balluosa, but don't remember how they were labelled. The moral of the story: try, try and try again - you may get something interesting! -Cynthia Mueller, Central Texas.
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>> Where's the point in not trying? We all know amaryllidaceae are generous about species borders, and we know that at least Sprekelia (Subtribus Zephyranthinae, as Zephyranthes) and Hipeastrum (ST Hippeastrinae, like Rhodophiala) have a chance, so what do you have to loose?
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>>> Am 22.08.2015 um 11:44 schrieb Brian Whyer:
>>>  Is any part of the "sterile" Rhodophiala (bifida/ex Harry Hay) flower usable in hybridisation. I have Zephyranthes drummondii in flower. Any point in attempting a cross? Are the two genera compatible? Today's the day if yes, it is too hot for them to last very long.
>>> Scilla madeirensis coming into growth.
>>> Brian Whyer, UKApologies if you get this twice; gremlins this end today.
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