The Naming of Flower Groups

Luc Bulot
Fri, 14 Aug 2015 21:35:55 PDT
What about a primer of primroses ?


Le 2015-08-15 05:50, Robin Graham Bell a écrit :
> It seems to me that many of the other group names are wonderfully
> eccentric, yet true, descriptors of the subject, I do wonder how they
> arose & became accepted, but I'm eternally thankful that they did. So,
> in that vein, & without much thought, how about a competition of
> snowdrops, or a declination of lilies, a perk of pansies or an
> erection of eremurus? Or if that offends, a titillation of tulips?
> Perhaps a lush of lilacs or a snake of arisaemias, a miasma of
> orchids, a sunshade of escholtzia, a sniff of datura or, maybe,
> Bruggmansia. Etc. Your turn.
> 	Robin Bell, Medford, Or.
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