Lycoris chinensis and related

James Waddick
Thu, 06 Aug 2015 12:15:17 PDT
Dear Friends,

	It is so nice to see many of ‘my’  Lycoris bulbs growing and pleasing so many people.  Thanks Jim McK for the pix.

	I should mention that L. chinensis and L. longituba readily hybridize with each other causing a range of colors and floral shapes that can confuse some.

	The typical L. chinensis is a rich orange-gold color with ruffled ‘spidery’ petals.

	The typical L. longituba is pure white with smooth lily-like shape. 

	The form known as L. longituba flavum is billed as pale yellow form of this white species. I suspect is just one spot of a continuum between rich gold and pure white that one sees in a lot of random hybrids.  I don’t think I have seen a pure white flowered with spidery petals or a golden-orange flower with smooth petals. My favorites are the large pure (spectrum) yellow lily form flowers. 

	All are beautiful and can bloom over the course of a few weeks when nothing like them is blooming. 

	And they do splendidly in northern gardens such as my own Kansas City. 			Lycoris season is upon us.		Jim W.

ps I don’t mean to belitte the old favorite L. squamigera or Pink Surprise Lily or Pink Flamingo Flower. There are masses of these in bloom around town and gorgeous. When happy they can exceed 30 in in height with multiple stalks emerging from a clump. Should be in every garden that can support them.

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