Group Names for Flowers

Bracey Tiede
Sat, 15 Aug 2015 20:49:31 PDT
A rotunda of roses
A diversion of daffodils
A glory of gladioli
A climbing of clematis
A tizzy of tulips


San Jose CA

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Yes, yes, yes! What fun. Some of these are quite wonderful. I very much 
admire Jim McK's "peal of campanulas" and John's "cloudburst of rainlilies"

Myself I'd tweak congratulation to "congregation of crocus"

How about a "coinage of eranthis" for their golden yellow flowers 
scattered as the snow melts

Does a "fragrance of lilacs" evoke more context? No, perhaps that is too 
much like a regular phrase / ordinary language

Anyone else want to play this game?

Judy in continuing-to-be-sunny and somewhat warmer New Jersey

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