Kelvins Centigrades and Fahrenheits

David Ehrlich
Wed, 05 Aug 2015 20:35:40 PDT
As far as I know, a firkin is not a fixed amount, though it is always a large amount.  I have known firkins used to contain many things, but never wine.  Maybe wine grapes, but not wine.  I remember in the days before paper, our grocer would cut butter from a great firkin he kept in the dairy case, but the wine came from a cask.
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Sitting on a sailboat in the welcome rain, you made my day.

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> In fact I think we should move away from inches, and even millimeters, to a
> more universal system.
> Bulbs should normally be planted 2.14787157 x 10 to the minus 17 light
> years deep.
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> My chairman frequently made us calculate drug doses administered by
> continuous infusion in firkins per fortnight. We decided it was more
> appropriate to use the wine firkin rather than the others.
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