Hummingbird Lilium pollinators

Paige Woodward
Tue, 18 Aug 2015 10:19:48 PDT
Ian, the treatments of Lilium in both the Flora of North America and the Jepson manual — the flora of California — were written by Mark Skinner; his excellent fieldwork revealed that many lilies are pollinated by hummingbirds. 

Both treatments are online. 

Paige Woodward 

> On Aug 18, 2015, at 9:22 AM, <> <> wrote:
> I would be grateful for any help please on the subject of hummingbird bird pollinators for species Lilium
> in North America, especially those native to the Pacific littoral.
> Currently trying to conclude a paper for publication on the Sectional revision of the Neoarctic species
> of lilies which research is now essentially concluded but I really would be grateful to learn which genera 
> amongst North American Hummingbirds are known as pollinators of lilies in the genus Lilium, particularly 
> those from the Pacific coastal Region. This work has been, along with the bigger Lily Monograph, drastically
> held up due to the dreaded Lyme disease but it is nearing overall completion however the taxonomy of the
> genus Lilium has gone through a radical re-organisation following the introduction of Phytotaxonomy with
> familiar names disappearing and others revealed which have hitherto been hiding in plain sight.
> The only Hummingbird genera of which I am aware are variously e.g. Anthracothorax, Eulampis, Orthorhyncus;
> Trochilus; Archlochus; etc, etc, however my only reference book is a beautifully illustrated book by a friend who
> illustrates ornithological work for Princeton, Norman Arlott whose beautiful book "Birds of the West Indies" does 
> not remotely cover the western littoral of North America and accessing ornithological reference publications for 
> this part of the distribution of birds living in the sticks on the north western edge of the Atlantic is none too easy. 
> If anyone could provide some guidance on this it would be appreciated as well as acknowledged on publication. 
> Although now more or less completed, subject to editing and peer revue. I expect publication will probably be late 
> Autumn 2015. By all means get in touch privately if convenient, all responses will be replied to.
> Many thanks in hope. Iain
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