Glad Whatever

Judy Glattstein
Thu, 13 Aug 2015 17:45:28 PDT
O.K. Call it what you will - sword lily, gladiolus, pluralize as 
gladioli, "common speak" as gladiola - my whole reason for posting was 
not to start a dialog on the proper name for more than one gladiolus. It 
was to say "Isn't this a nice thing for the corn and soybean farmer to 
do, raise a whole lot of these corms and donate the flowers for hospital 
patients." Which apparently was so minor a thought as to be completely 

In venery there are some wonderful collective nouns, in some instances 
refined as to whether the group - geese in this instance - are in the 
air (a skein or wedge), on the ground (a flock or gaggle), or on the 
water (a plump of geese.) But I am not aware of any collective naming of 


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