Is Arum pictum Self Fertile?

Brian Whyer
Sun, 30 Aug 2015 14:32:32 PDT
I thought you were the "stinkies" watcher ;-)If you put this "arum pictum self fertile" into google you get something to read but my guess would be that you may need 2 plants, and follow your nose as to when to tickle their fancy. Don't some of these change sex at times, although that is from season to season from memory, and may be Arisaema I am thinking of. No pollen at NYBG for you to pinch?Good luck, Brian
      From: Judy Glattstein <>
 Sent: Sunday, 30 August 2015, 22:13
 Subject: [pbs] Is Arum pictum Self Fertile?
My Arum pictum is flowering in my greenhouse - just opened today. If I 
(as Linc Foster used to phrase it) pimp for my plant with a camel hair 
brush will the single flower produce any fertile seeds? If yes, when is 
the opportune moment?

Judy in New Jersey where the xAmarcrinum are flowering gaily away in 
their outdoor pots, which are beginning to distort from the crowding

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