Gladiola Grown and Given Away

David Ehrlich
Mon, 10 Aug 2015 09:34:20 PDT
FYI:  Gladiolus is a singular.  The plural is either gladioli or gladioluses.  If neither appeals to you, you can use the short form -- glads.  Gladiola and gladiolas are non-words, especially for a bulb enthusiast.
David E.
      From: Judy Glattstein <>
 Sent: Monday, August 10, 2015 9:20 AM
 Subject: [pbs] Gladiola Grown and Given Away
I thought this was a delightful story. Corn and soybean farmer grows 
several acres of gladiolas, gives bouquets of cut flowers to nearby 
hospitals for their patients.…

Go bulbs!

Judy in overcast New Jersey where some much needed rain may arrive 
tonight or tomorrow

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