Kelvins Centigrades and Fahrenheits

Tim Eck
Mon, 03 Aug 2015 12:49:07 PDT
And while we're innovating, we could bring back the duodecimal system which had a resurgence a century ago.  I have a copy of Britton and Brown's "Illustrated Flora"  That used the superscript circle or degree mark for feet, the single stroke or quote for inches and the double stroke or quote for lines (twelfths of inches).

And we could always compromise by using Rankine for our temperature scale.

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> I think that we Americans who resist switching to Celsius, should switch to
> Kelvin instead. If we did that, today’s temperature here in WV would be 302
> K which sounds a lot more realistic than 29 C.
> I totally agree.
> In fact I think we should move away from inches, and even millimeters, to a
> more universal system.
> “Bulbs should normally be planted 2.14787157 × 10 to the minus 17 light years
> deep.”
> Bob Nold
> Denver, Colorado, USA
> 299K today
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