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Wed, 08 Jul 2015 12:23:42 PDT
  Someone on the Trillium thread mentioned double-potting to keep the roots cool.    Of course, many other species also like a cool root run, including Lilium.  I read an interesting article written by a bonsai expert who recommends double-potting to keep the roots of bonsai trees cool.  Single pots, especially when exposed to direct sunlight, heat up quickly and sensitive roots used to cool forest floor are easily damaged or killed. This year I have been experimenting with this.  As the heat of summer approached, I put some small square seed pots where I grow Lilium into larger gallon pots, surrounded with mulch material, in my case composted bark and wood chips.  I still don't put these pots in direct sunlight.  I also did the same with potted flowering-sized bulbs of various species, including some Western Americans and some Nomocharis.  I'd like to hear more from others about their experiences with double-potting.  What species did well in double pots in what environments?
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