layering bulbs with other plants

Jim McKenney
Mon, 20 Jul 2015 15:35:51 PDT
I've posted the images on the Scottish Rock Garden Club's forum, on my personal web site, to the US National Arboretum, to some local gardening groups and a friend circulated them on at least two listservs for professional botanists (not sure of the names of these lists). There have been 649 hits on my website, 281 views on the Scottish Rock Garden Club's forum and an undetermined number from the others listed. Only the responses on the SRGC will be viewable to you. I've received several private email responses expressing a variety of possible identifications, but even those who submitted these identifications left room for doubts. 
Nathan, I think there are two other plants growing with this plant: the common Eurasian ivy Hedera helix (that's the plant whose runners are growing out onto the brick path) and Vinca minor (that's mostly visible under the juniper). 
You think it's amazing that we can't agree on a genus or species; I think it's amazing that we can't even identify the family. 
Jim McKenney    
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