Amaryllis belladonna

Sun, 19 Jul 2015 21:49:13 PDT

Yes, no sign of any A. belladonnas here this year. During the past few years
these bulbs have not shown up unless supplemental water was provided. The
amount provided seems to have determined when they bloomed. In my case few
showed up last year and this year none so far. The extremely unusual rains
of the last few days may change that. We shall wait and see. Normally here,
as of 5-10 years ago, blooming would start in early July and continue
through August, with supplemental watering affecting when blooming began.
This year, it's been so dry all winter that even supplemental water in
spring has had no effect. A few years ago I reported here that late summer
(end of August) rain caused blooming in October.

(north) San Diego

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