layering bulbs with other plants

Nathan Lange
Mon, 20 Jul 2015 14:41:10 PDT


What other forums and listservs have you posted this mystery plant 
on? It might be helpful to read what others have noticed and suggested.

My money is still on Parthenocissus. I completely ruled out Akebia 
long ago because the mystery plant leaves are way too textured, have 
scalloped margins, and have significant red pigmentation in their 
leaf petioles. Akebia would have likely grown up through the Junpier 
and not stayed on the ground. Akebia does not explain the surface 
runners with the simple non-compound leaves seen all along the edge 
of the plant growing out on the brick sidewalk, assuming this is part 
of the same plant. Doesn't anyone else see these runners?

Amazing that we can't even agree on the genus, let alone the species.


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