Tigridia Philippiana's first dormancy

Garak garak@code-garak.de
Sat, 18 Jul 2015 06:58:11 PDT

I have a question about Tigridia Philippiana. I started some Tigridia 
species from seed this spring (in March), and while the T. Pavonias (own 
seed) want to break records, T. Orthantha and T. Chiapiensis are doing 
fine, behaving like the T. Vanhouttei I started last year but the T. 
Philippiana, while beeing the first to sprout after 23 days, started to 
wither at the end of June, completely vanishing by now. I was curious 
and found a fully intact micro bulb, bright and firm, but without roots 
in the pot, so obviously, it went completely dormant. Any hints on how 
to treat it now and when it will wake up again?

My experience with the T. Vanhouttei teaches me they can be very 
irrational: I still don't know what triggered them to wake in May, 
because I tried to start the first few in March, but neither humidity 
nor warmth could make them move. and even though I had them in different 
conditions (indoor, unheated but bright garage, outdoor) they all seemed 
tho wake up the same time. Do all Tigridias behave that strange?

thanks for any hint,
Garak /Martin

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