Trillium kurabayashi seeds

Robin Hansen
Sun, 12 Jul 2015 10:59:02 PDT

>>>My question is this:  is there enough interest in growing this species 
>>>among PBSers to send the extra seeds to the seed exchange?

I'd be surprised if no one wanted to take you up on this.  If you haven't 
already, my suggestion would be to either plant immediately or put in a 
baggie with damp peat and refrigerate.  They can be sent to the SX this way 
and will germinate a lot better.  I've gotten a number of trillium species 
seed over the years, and the ones that came packaged like this were the ones 
that germinated.

I let my T kurya in pots dry out quite a bit in summer (they're in shade) 
and they do very well.  I don't soak the pots at all in summer but just 
flash the water wand across them briefly.  This goes for T ovatum as well, 
but I notice T rivale needs a little more moisture year-round than the other 

Robin Hansen
SW Oregon Coast

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