Tropaeolum azureum and T. tricolor

Jane McGary
Sun, 12 Jul 2015 12:00:58 PDT
     I assume that Ake is growing these tropaeolums in pots. If they are 
seedlings it is not unusual for them to enter dormancy so quickly, but 
larger plants can be expected to remain in green growth for about 5 or 6 
months. They are both Mediterranean cycle species and make their growth 
during winter, flowering in mid spring and going dormant one or two 
months after flowering, after the seeds have fallen. If these plants are 
being grown in a frost-free house, they should be kept almost dry during 
summer. They do not need to "bake" as one sometimes sees written. Begin 
watering in October or November and provide supports for them to climb 
on. Both can make very long stems (up to 2 meters for T. tricolor, and I 
have seen T. azureum even taller in the wild). If they might be exposed 
to frost, use wooden or bamboo supports, not metal. T. tricolor is 
hardier than T. azureum, but both can tolerate a little frost, 
especially the T. tricolor from the Andean foothills (there are also 
coastal populations).

A peculiar thing about tropaeolums is that they sometimes remain dormant 
through an entire year and then regrow the following year. I don't know 
why. If the top growth freezes, it is possible that the tuber is still 
viable, even if damaged, so don't throw it out without checking. Both of 
the species mentioned make a single tuber -- they do not spread out with 
stolons as T. polyphyllum does.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

On 7/12/2015 3:24 AM, Åke Nordström wrote:
> Hi all!!
> I hope someone with experience of Tropaeolum can help me.
> I have a few plants of T. azureum. They have been growing for about two months and the leaves have now turned yellow and dried out. What conditions are optimal during dormancy, (soil moisture, temperature cycle etc) I have also one T. tricolor, is it the same treatment for that species?
> Thank you very much, Åke Nordstrom, in northern Sweden where we (so far) have a cold and wet summer....
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