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From HK
Thu, 16 Jul 2015 13:10:59 PDT
Marcelle's Crinums website expired in Febuary of 2014.  i turned to This past spring.  The bulbs are good size.  I
had one bloom after first year planting.  I planted about 20 bulbs.  They
all have good foliage.  Even the smaller/ younger bulbs.

I will try Jenks Farm next.

Zone 7
Asheville, nc

On Thursday, July 16, 2015, James Waddick <
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> Dear Ernie,
>         You ask if there are more cold tolerant Crinum. It is a LONG list
> and your climate is milder than here so the list is even longer there.
>         I stay away from any with a zone 8/9/10 listing, but Zone 6/7
> plants are usually hardy here, but planted deep. My first Crinum x powellii
> was planted deep and when I finally HAD to dig it up, it was about 16 in to
> the base of the clump and others can get even somewhat (18  in) deep and do
> fine. Don’t be afraid to plant a bulb deep to avoid the hardest frosts.
>         There’s a number of named x powellii that are better than the
> typical you see in garden centers with skinny twisted petals.  Some of the
> C. scabrum (milk and wine lilies) could be hardy there too. I like the old
> ‘Catherine’. Pure white and vigorous. 'Cecil Houdeyshel’ is a good x
> powellii.
>         I hate to push any commercial source in particular, but I am very
> happy with Jenks Farmers offering. Good person, large bulbs and easy to
> deal with. He will tell you about hardiness in your area.
>         Of course Marcell’s Crinum ( M Sheppard) has been good too, but
> they seem to have a web problem???
>         I am constantly wishing for a variegated Crinum asiaticum for my
> greenhouse, but then keep telling myself it gets GINORMOUS and refrain. If
> you have lots of room.
>         If your room is limited I’d stay with your current list of ‘Super
> Ellen’ and xpowellii Album.                   Best            Jim
> > On Jul 16, 2015, at 7:08 AM, Ernie DeMarie via pbs <
>> wrote:
> >
> > Hi Jim,
> > It may take a year or two for my Super Ellen to get to blooming size,
> but I am definitely excited about its potential.  Are there other
> hybrids/species you have found to be very cold tolerant in your experience
> that I should be looking for? No one up here is growing crinums, at least
> that I know of.
> > Ernie
> >
> > Briarcliff Manor NY Z7ish/6
> >
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