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Brian Whyer
Thu, 30 Jul 2015 07:18:28 PDT
> Cooperia drummondii (Zephyranthes chlorosolen) - “Prairie Lily” a form with 

> blue-green leaves and white flowers.

Do I assume this item is the same as the plant in the wiki identified as Zephyranthes drummondii, or are there several forms and/or species that are similar?
I grow a plant under the wiki name that fits this description and came from NARGS seed in 2011, with leaves around 15" long by 1/4" wide and a pink/violet flush near ground level, and to the flower reverse. It is the most desirable (to me) of any of the miscellaneous rain lilies I have grown from seed over the years, and is presumably the same as the wiki form. It seeds freely for me and hopefully comes true.

Brian Whyer, UK
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