Amaryllis belladonna and Crinum bulbispermum

Ernie DeMarie via pbs
Wed, 15 Jul 2015 18:57:43 PDT
Hi Bob, 
I did lose a C x powellii in my school garden that had lasted several years (it was a pink one, not a great flower) but the C x powellii album bulb I got last year and put in one of my home gardens survived.  I can't say it is as vigorous as the bulbispermums but maybe it needs time to settle down as crinums sometimes do when they lose roots.  I also planted a small "Super Ellen" not far from the house wall, I want to see it make a huge flower spike one day like it is supposed to be able to do, it sounds like a massive plant and since it was backcrossed onto bulbispermum I think, it has a good chance of being hardy, and it is in a protected spot anyway. 

Both Crinum
bulbispermum and C. x powellii are perfectly hardy in Denver. It never rains in
the winter here.  
(One of the main reasons why I like bulbs so much is that
they sensibly hide underground for most of the year.)
Bob Nold
Denver, Colorado
The damage to woody plants from the November blast, 17C one day, –25C two
days later, was such that many will not recover. 

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