Joyce Miller
Tue, 07 Jul 2015 09:39:56 PDT
Dear Andrew,
I saw your query on trillium on PBS.  I am very shy about responding to the 
website.  Years ago, I tried to grow an Erythronium in Sacramento, CA.  It 
perished.  In Gresham, OR I have germinated and colonized several 
Erythronium and 3 species of Trillium.  My guess is they won't thrive in 
souther CA unless you can give them specialized care.  With your long 
experience (I know you have been a grower for a long time) you might be able 
to succeed.  I hope you do for they are very lovely.

Joyce Miller, Gresham, OR

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From: AW
Sent: Monday, July 06, 2015 8:56 PM
Subject: [pbs] trilliums

Trilliums are bulbs I have never grown here in Southern California. Is it
possible to grow them in this climate (Zone 10 and very dry)? They seem to
occur at altitude in the eastern mountains where the climatic conditions are
quite different. The Wiki tells much about raising them from seed but not
about growing them on afterwards.


San Diego

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