Trillium kurabayashi seeds

Kathleen Sayce
Sun, 12 Jul 2015 09:54:46 PDT
My Trillium kurabayashi plants flowered for the first time, and set seed this year. Dozens per pod. Many more seeds than I can use. The seeds that became these plants came from NARGS about 8 years ago, and all plants have dark red flowers and well mottled leaves. My question is this:  is there enough interest in growing this species among PBSers to send the extra seeds to the seed exchange? 

This species is native to SW Oregon and NW California, growing in rich deep moist soils with lots of organics. I plan to put it out in the wettest part of my garden, in partial shade. 

As for growing trilliums in pots:  I switched to styrofoam fish boxes several years ago to start native PNW plants from seed, and have been impressed with how much larger, and vigorous plants are. I suspect cooler roots are key to this success. 


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