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I have received your order.

Best wishes,


Dell Sherk, PBS BX

From: Rick Buell via pbs
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Hi Dell,
Could I get the following seeds if they are available.  Thanks so much,
On a hot day in NY

Ernie DeMarie
192 Macy Road
Briarcliff Manor NY 10510

5. Hippeastrum ‘Voodoo’ from Yucca
Doo, a different plant from the one advertised by Plant Delights Nursery and on
the web. This form looks like an extra fancy johnsonii type but without distinct
red stripes. Multiplies well.

7. Crinum bulbispermum ‘Brazos County, TX’ Can flower at Christmas
here if the weather has been relatively mild. Strong stalks, good shape and form
of flowers for plain bulbispermum. Bluish-green leaves.

8. xHippeastrelia - a
vigorous plant that bears good, well filled seed pods.

ONLY  - Crinum carolo-schmidtii

11. Hippeastrum iguazuanum

12. Hippeastrum stylosum

13. Trillium viride
ex Jefferson Co. Mo. packed in damp vermiculite- these were taken from the
fruits, washed and mailed to you in minutes and may mold up if not opened upon
arrival. Pics of the trillium at the link below. These are hardy in Michigan.


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