Amaryllis belladonna in Connecticut

David Pilling
Tue, 16 Jun 2015 17:06:22 PDT
Hi again,

Monty Don holds the position of head gardener for the UK, I found this 
quote from him.

Q  My daughter came back from holiday in Jersey three years ago with a 
packet of Jersey lilies. We have grown them in pots and had lovely green 
leaves, but no flowers.
Freda Turner, Eastwood, Essex

A  Amaryllis belladonna, or the Jersey lily does not come from Jersey, 
but South Africa. That's the clue to its success. It need lots of sun to 
flower in September or October, which is why it does well in Jersey. For 
you, it is best to grow it in a greenhouse or conservatory and to give 
it poor soil and not feed it. This will reduce the leaves and encourage 
it to flower. To impoverish the soil, mix peat-free potting compost half 
and half with grit.

David Pilling

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