Hippeastrum solandriflorum

Diana Chapman rarebulbs@suddenlink.net
Tue, 23 Jun 2015 07:49:16 PDT
I have received several requests recently to resurrect my blog: 
http://www.thebulbmaven.typepad.com/.  I stopped posting about a year ago, 
mostly because I didn't have the time.  Blogs seem to be hard to 
maintain after a couple of years, and I had this trouble too.  I had 
hoped it would fend off the many, many e-mails I get asking questions 
about bulbs.  I could post information on the blog, I hoped, and people 
could look there.  It seemed to produce the opposite effect, generating 
even more questions ("you said on your blog .... but ....").  I have 
currently posted on H. solandriflorum, which I was surprised to find is 
now called H. elegans.  I have almost no information on this species as 
far as habitat and growing conditions are concerned, but mine have done 
well on my heated bench grown in almost pure pumice, and have rewarded 
me with many flowers this year.  I will try to continue to post on 
Hippeastrum, since this seems to be a popular topic, and will also post 
on other species, of course.

Telos Rare Bulbs

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