Narcissus species photos

Kirby Fong
Fri, 05 Jun 2015 16:00:20 PDT
Yes, has thousands of photos of Narcissus, mostly cultivars but some species as well.
The site is maintained by the American Daffodil Society but copyright in the photos remains with the
photographers.  Don’t just take the photos for the PBS wiki.  When anyone wants a photo, the
ADS forwards the request to the owner of the photo.  There’s more than one system of nomenclature
for Narcissus, and the ADS follows the Royal Horticultural Society system.  Photos of the species
Narcissus are vetted by a committee of experts who try to ensure that the photos are correctly
named.  Before accepting my photo of N. atlanticus, they asked where did I get the bulbs in order
to decide whether they were genuine.  For species photographed in situ, the answer about
location is matched against the known geographic distribution of the species.  Several ADS
members have made repeated trips to Spain and other areas where Narcissus occur naturally
to look for the species and appreciate how variable the species can be; thus, identifying a
species or a natural hybrid is not a sure thing, and a photo or two might not accurately
express the full range of forms that a particular species can take.

Michael Salmon who did business as Monocot Nursery in England had his own nomenclature
system under which he sold seeds and bulbs of species Narcissus.  This no doubt has contributed
to the confusion in identifying species grown in cultivation.

While there’s nothing wrong with having photos of species Narcissus in the PBS wiki, you might
want to include a link to and an explanation of how to view the photos of species
that it contains.

     Kirby Fong

> On Jun 5, 2015, at 12:23 PM, Paul Machado <> wrote:
> Travis,
> You could try they have 1000's of pictures of Narcissus.
> I do not know, but would suggest contacting their website manager about
> using the photos, if possible.
> All the best,
> Paul

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