A. belladonna blooming project, and watering

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sat, 13 Jun 2015 11:53:43 PDT
The leaves on all our A. belladonna are long gone. My experience has 
been like Mike's. In my garden different plants bloom (if they bloom 
as many do not) at different times, sometimes months apart. So 
temperature couldn't be the only factor as my garden isn't that large 
and they all would experience approximately the same temperature. 
When I sent data in before for plants in my area I recorded the first 
ones to bloom, but never bothered to send supplemental data about 
when later ones bloomed. I wonder if others did the same.

Watering dormant Nerines in summer has been a big help in getting 
them to bloom. I haven't had much luck with Amaryllids in the ground 
(except for a few Nerine species). In my raised beds where the soil 
probably doesn't dry out quite so much I've had a little better luck 
even if I haven't watered them in summer. But we do have cool summer 
temperatures which probably delays the soil drying out a bit.

Mary Sue

Mary Sue Ittner
California's North Coast
Wet mild winters with occasional frost
Dry mild summers 

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