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Tue, 02 Jun 2015 13:16:10 PDT
Hi Diana thanks for the info. I often look at your site and am aware of your terms. So I am not sure what prompted the email it would be a very long time ago that I would have emailed you that's if I did! I do see my reply is forwarded on from Wes's email and someone else also received a copy of my mail. Strange.......
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Dear Lee:

I do do international orders and have shipped to Australia in the past.  
I do not sell seeds.  The problem with Australia is that they require 
imported bulbs to be quarantined at the recipient's expense, and the 
importer needs a special license to bring plant material into 
Australia.  Plus they have a very extensive list of banned bulbs.  Seeds 
can be imported into Australia as long as they are labeled with the 
botanical name and are not on the banned list.

> Since you're in Australia, economically speaking you're going to want seeds from sources outside of Australia.
> The Saunders in South Africa often offer seeds of Littonia modesta via their Silverhill Seeds nursery. I'm pretty sure some of the other South African seedspeople offer seeds of it from time to time. (I just checked the Silverhill Seeds website and they're currently offering seeds of it right now. Although they state that it is now called Gloriosa modesta.)
> As for Bomarea seeds, people like Diana Chapman (Telos) sell plants of a number of species. But I don't think she ships internationally. (She's in the U.S.) Even if she did, I bet it would be almost impossible to get them into Australia alive. Places I've discovered that sell seeds of several species of Bomarea are in Germany (they've started offering *lots* of non-palm seeds lately) and in the U.S.
> --Lee Poulsen
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> On Jun 1, 2015, at 5:47 PM, Weslor Flowers Plant Nursery <> wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> This is my first request so please be gentle with me.
>> I am looking to purchase species of Bomarea cultivars and Litonia modesta can anyone supply bulbs ?? seeds of these and prices into Australia? If this request is addressed to the wrong list please supply the correct address, thank you.
>> Wes Vidler
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