Amaryllis belladonna blooming project - year 4

David Pilling
Fri, 12 Jun 2015 04:22:03 PDT
Hi Travis,

On 12/06/2015 03:06, Travis O wrote:
> One issue, the link takes me to a warning: "404: Page does not exist"

Working OK, now, for me.

> Just curious, do they bloom the year they are planted

Context, they are problematical, that's why there is a blooming project. 
For some people they never bloom. Mine took three years.

At the moment mine have lots of green leaves, which is how it should be, 
here in the cold wet North. Flowering will be early September.

(actually a lovely warm (70F) sunny day in England [1]).

But they are worth the effort.

[1] this bit of England, on the North West coast, there's a "weather 
warning" of heavy rain (!) for the South.

David Pilling

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