Amaryllis flowering

Nathan Lange
Sun, 14 Jun 2015 12:00:21 PDT

No, that is not at all what I wrote. [shrug]


At 10:29 AM 6/14/2015, you wrote:
> >So I wonder how A. belladonna responds to "full sun" sites with southern or
>northern exposures, if there would be a difference in flowering time.
>To add to the complexity, there are many well documented cases of A.
>belladonna (and possibly the hybrids) blooming very vigorously after a fire
>has cleared the overlying brush. Mary Sue posted some great photos of this
>on the PBS Amaryllis page.
>Based on what Nathan wrote about bud initiation happening three years before
>blooming, that means it's routine for these plants to form buds, wait to see
>if conditions seem optimal for blooming, and then abort the buds if they
>don't get the right trigger(s). So when we fight to get these things to
>bloom, we're not just trying to make the bulbs happy, we're trying to avoid
>conditions that tell the bulb "this is one of the years when you should not
>bother to bloom."
>Some PBS members in Australia have said that the blooming trigger for them
>is late summer thunderstorms. But that can't be the only trigger, as in most
>of California we rarely get that sort of weather.
>The whole thing is surprisingly complex, and I'm glad Nhu is keeping
>records. At some point I hope we can collectively figure it all out...
>San Jose, CA
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