Mystery Allium (?)

Nathan Lange
Thu, 04 Jun 2015 22:53:20 PDT

Hi Travis,

Looks like Allium bolanderi var. mirabile, also native to northern 
California. You are correct to rule out Triteleia.


At 10:32 PM 6/4/2015, you wrote:
>Hello, Allium expertise welcome here!
>Just in the past few days while collecting seed pods of Erythronium 
>hendersonii, I noticed a few small groups of these small white 
>lily-like flowers (added to the "Mystery Bulbs" page on the PBS wiki 
>[1]). The plants were no taller than 5", and the leaves have dried 
>and were disintegrated. The flowers were about 1/8" wide, wider at 
>the mouth, and less than 3/8" long. When I crushed a floret there 
>was the strong smell of garlic, leading me to think it is an Allium. 
>I would rule out Triteleia hyacinthina because it lacks the 
>appendages, and T. hyacinthina grows here too and is much larger and 
>has a much different flower morphology.
>Travis Owen
>Rogue River, OR
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