Clinanthus nomenclature confusion

Nhu Nguyen
Fri, 12 Jun 2015 07:59:38 PDT
Hi Rimmer,

I made the changes myself according to the literature from Dr. Meerow. We
do our best to represent the most accurate and up to date information
according to the literature, and you can see that we cited the Meerow et
al. 2000 paper at the top of each of the pages. Many of the websites and
sellers of these bulbs still call them by their old name that contribute to
the continuing confusion.


On Fri, Jun 12, 2015 at 9:50 AM, Rimmer deVries <>

> I noticed that over the past 12 months the PBS Wiki has changed the
> listing synonyms for Clinantus incarnatus and Clinanthus vereigatus.
> currently the wiki has the bright yellow, red and peach forms with
> the strapped shaped smooth glaucous leaves listed as:
> *Clinanthus incarnatus* (syn. *Stenomesson incarnatum* (Kunth) Baker
> 1871)
> and the larger plant with the wider green and somewhat channeled leaves that
> needs a dryer growing environment listed as:
> *Clinanthus variegatus* (syn. *Stenomesson variegatum*) is native to Peru.
> previously they were listed as  *Clinanthus incarnatus* (syn. *Stenomesson
> variegatum*)  and *Clinanthus variegatus *(syn. *Stenomesson incarnatum* (Kunth)
>  which was extremely confusing, switching both surnames and epitaphs.  But these
> former listings are mimicked elsewhere on the web.
> i was wondering if someone with access to the *2000 study by Alan Meerow,
> CHARLES L. GUY and QIN-BAO LI, SI-LIN YANG "Phylogeny of the American
> Amaryllidaceae based on nrDNA ITS sequences", in Systematic Botany* that
> split the Stenomesseae Tribe into two separate groups and resurrected name
> of *Clianthus* to be used for the species that have lorate, or
> strap-shaped leaves and *Stenomesson* for the species that had petiolate,
> or stalked, leaves could recheck these names and put a discussion comment
> on the wiki.
> Thank you
> Rimmer deVries
> SE MI Zone 5
>  where *Clinanthus variegatus* ( the larger plant with the wider and
> channeled leaves that needs a dryer growing environment is is bloom now.

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