Hippeastrum Calypratum - source of seeds?

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Sun, 07 Jun 2015 16:31:00 PDT
You can usually get them from Mauro Peixoto (sp?) at
He has two varieties for sale now.

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> Hi,
> I had a couple of emails from Brenda Ford about Hippeastrum Calypratum.
> If you know of a current source for the seeds, reply to the list and
Brenda will
> see your message.
> First email...
> Years ago I got seeds for this from Park seed.  They grew into bulbs in no
> and they flowered every year.  They did have a weird smell.
> Used to think like naugahyde. (sp.) that faux leather.  When I moved I
> them with a caretaker and only one survived when I returned.  And then I
> took it with me to California and wrapped it in a newspaper because it was
> not doing poorly and then it molded and that was that.  I thought that I
> be able to find seeds again, but now it seems listed as something rare and
> difficult to grow.  I just grew it like a normal plant, in a pot, like an
> with the bulb above soil
> somewhat.   Seemed to do better in a drier climate.  (It did well in
> Idaho.)  Seems like I had it in a finer textured soil than recommended.
>   It's been so long.  But someone should try those seeds again.  I'm sure
it was
> Park seed that had them.  In the early 80's.
> Second email...
> I wish that I could remember the details better.  Just kept hoping that
> seeds would surface again. I think that I have some old photographs of
> in bloom somewhere in the attic.  Had no idea that the cultivation was
> supposed to be so problematic.  I am all but certain it was Park seed.  We
> used to laugh because part of the selling point on the seed was that the
> flower had some sort of odor that I had interpreted as pleasant, but that
> a big stretch.  It was some sort of plasticky smell.
> We may have taken the plants about with us when we moved to
> Minneapolis and then to Illinois.  We had blooms for more than a couple of
> years.
> We lost all but one of the plants when we left them with a house sitter in
> Idaho when we moved out here to California.  The house sitter killed most
> the houseplants by keeping the house too hot and not watering, but one of
> the bulbs survived.  It rotted when we brought it out here to Humboldt
> County, though.
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