A. belladonna blooming project, and watering

Michael Mace michaelcmace@gmail.com
Fri, 12 Jun 2015 13:27:49 PDT
Nhu wrote:

> The first Amaryllis belladonna of the season has popped in Berkeley.

Wow! That's super-early for this part of California. I wonder if all of the
others will bolt. Last year the blooming at my place was unusually spread
out, with some of the plants unusually earlier than the others.

It's very interesting to see the reports from people who have them still in
leaf. In my place they have been totally dormant for at least a month. Those
bulbs are very adaptable, even if they don't always bloom.

Kipp, I agree with what you said about supplemental water. I recall reading
an article years ago, maybe in the old Herbertia, in which someone said they
had tied for years to get Brunsvigia to bloom in the ground in California.
They didn't have much success until they moved the bulbs into an orchard,
between the trees where the surface would be totally dry but the roots would
have access to some moisture in summer. It worked. I tried something similar
in my area, and it's worked for me as well.

San Jose, CA
(zone 9, min temp 20F / -7C) 

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