Warning: Don't buy from Seeds for Africa

Michael Mace michaelcmace@gmail.com
Tue, 31 Mar 2015 17:55:52 PDT
I was browsing around on the web looking for seeds this afternoon, when I
ran across a listing for Moraea unguiculata:




I thought the flower looked pretty cute for that species, but the photo
looked vaguely familiar. I went back and checked my blog, and found that it
was actually one of my photos, posted here:




The trouble is, I have that plant as Moraea longiaristata. So not only is
the vendor stealing photos, they're attaching the wrong photos to the
species. And there's no way they have seeds of that particular plant,
because I haven't been able to get seeds from it (I have only one clone).


Who knows what they're actually selling as that species. It makes me suspect
everything else they sell.


Buyer beware.



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