Happy, Happy/bulbs sleeping and winter ending

Ernie DeMarie via pbs pbs@lists.ibiblio.org
Sat, 07 Mar 2015 09:05:22 PST
Hi Judy et al,
Glad that some of the freesias made it, I have also noticed that some South African geophytes take a snooze for a year even if watered during their appropriate season, Walleria gracilis comes to mind as one I have had do that.  I also had cuttings of some succulent and decidious twiggy pelargonium spp that I never got around to doing anything with, so they got planted after missing their winter growing season and many of them survived too.  Some plants are just tough, adapted for that occasional severe drought.  
Winter's last gasp seems to have been Thursdays snowstorm plus the 2 cold nights that followed,, after that it will all melt eventually and I dont see really vicious cold anymore in the accuweather forecasts.   What a bizarre winter it has been, I thought last winter was as bad as it could possibly get, but thi one, while off to a later start, was worse, at least for February and the first week of March.  But as a compensation snow cover has been excellent, good for most plants but unfortunately could be good for voles too.   In about a week or so I think we will finally see the eranthis and snowdrops that should have been up by the middle to end of Feb.   Can't wait for spring.
Ernie DeMarie
in a snow covered Briarcliff Manor with another sanity testing winter just ending.  I think I'll sow more seeds........
Z7 that just barely crossed into Z6 territory once or twice this winter. 


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