H. calystratum

Joyce Miller Miller7398@comcast.net
Thu, 19 Mar 2015 18:14:28 PDT
Dear All,

I have a small  H. calyptratum bulb with one offset.  It never has more than 
two leaves and is chronically infested with mealy bugs or smaller white 


It was formerly in my GH with a min.temp of 55 F.  Briefly indoors under fl. 
lights. with temp. range 70 to 65.  Attempted to manage mealies with 
solution of water, isopropl and Murphy's oil applied with Q tip to avoid 
spraying and isoproply build up in medium.  Largely ineffective.


    Applied systemic DEXAL 9  for mealies and placed pot outside with p.m. 
temperature minimum at 42 F+.

    Read WIKI and realize potting media (while ok for Hipps) is too wet for 
H. calytratum.

REQUEST FOR RECOMMENDATIONS, What to do and order of changes.

    Would like to let systemic work, but concerned medium is too wet and 
cold for plant to survive.

Joyce Miller, Gresham, Or 

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