Weedy Tulips

Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net
Sun, 29 Mar 2015 09:47:42 PDT
Tulipa montana, mentioned by Bob Nold, does appear to be "walking" in a 
raised bed here. At least, I think it is T. montana -- it was one of the 
"sp." seed collections from western Iran sold by the Archibalds some 
years ago.

The seed collections of Kurt Vickery and his colleagues include many 
from wild Tulipa populations. They seem so far to be easy to grow on, 
and I'm going to have a raised bed built to accommodate them and some 
alpines. Am still pondering about whether to cover it in winter, but 
perhaps adequate drainage will allow the plants to survive even a 
Portland rainy winter.

Jane McGary\
Portland, Oregon, USA

On 3/29/2015 9:20 AM, penstemon wrote:
> So I am wondering if any one has experience with stoloniferous tulips that run around the garden, bloom regularly and are hardy to Zone 5/6. I know I am asking a lot.
> There is a stoloniferous form of Tulipa montana. It doesn’t run, though; it walks. (To be precise, the label says “Tulipa aff. montana, stoloniferous”.)
> Tulipa tarda, here, produces thousands of seedlings, like T. clusiana here, but they flower within a couple of years.

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