The "real' stoloniferous T. clusiana

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 14:02:31 PDT
you evidently did not understand what I meant when I wrote " “No such thing 
as Tulipa clusiana var. clusiana or Tulipa clusiana f. clusiana exists in 

According to the Kew monograph, and the Flora of Pakistan, this assertion is 
not correct.

"Tulipa clusiana DC. is accepted here in a broader sense as a polymorphic 
species. S. Dasgupta and Deb (l.c.) having prepared the scatter diagram, 
using various morphological characters, tried to correlate the variation 
patterns with the geographical and altitudinal distribution. They came to 
the conclusion that five different forms may be recognised. According to the 
cytological information provided by Hall (l.c.) diploids, tetraploids and 
pentaploids are also involved in this complex, however, as the diploids and 
tetraploids are morphologically similar, they are classified together."…

Note there is no statement to the effect that Tulipa clusiana DC, as 
pictured in Redoute, exists only as a clone. Or is a clone. So the repeated 
assertion that this is the case needs to be proved.


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