Erythronium seed dispersal

Nathan Lange
Mon, 16 Mar 2015 18:41:46 PDT


A Google search of "Erythronium life-history" (without the quotes) 
finds a report suggesting that E. japonicum has a normal life 
expectancy of about 40 years:…
This number could vary greatly between species.

The previously mentioned 2007 NARGS Erythronium article contains some 
useful and interesting horticultural information but readers can 
easily be mislead into believing there are two acceptable "subgenera" 
of Erythronium which is not true. This article completely ignored the 
most relevant and recent literature available at the time, presumably 
because it contradicted the author's hypothesis:…


At 09:01 PM 3/15/2015, you wrote:
>Anyone know how long an individual bulb can live? Longer than me, I'm sure.

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