sourcing unusual galanthus

Sat, 07 Mar 2015 14:52:36 PST
>I don't know how tolerant Galanthus are of deep planting, but people 
in colder areas might experiment with copiously available ones to 
It’s my impression, based on digging up snowdrop bulbs (not on purpose) any time in the summer, that the bulbs always have roots. (I water the garden where the snowdrops are about once a week in the summer.)
Autumn is the driest season here (a couple of years ago we had 17.8 mm of precipitation from the end of July until the end of the year).  In semi-arid and arid regions, evaporation exceeds percolation in clay soil, regardless of any organic matter, and so I would have to have the hose on continually in order for the snowdrop bulbs to form decent roots. 
I think what I’ll do this year is order a bunch of “ordinary” snowdrops, soak them in water for a few hours (like I do with most bulbs), plant them in flats, water them until roots have formed, and then plant them in the garden. 
Bob Nold
Denver, Colorado, USA
some reticulatas in bloom here
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