sourcing unusual galanthus

Laura & Dave
Sat, 07 Mar 2015 13:30:26 PST
   Like Jane, I don't collect Galanthus forms, but also have gotten a few. (How 
can you pass up a plant with a bit of green at the ends of the outer tepals?)  
What I most enjoy is growing /species/ of many genera, especially from seed.  
This would include Galanthus, if only seed were available for more of the 
species.  Perhaps part of the database could list growers that would be willing 
to share seed as well, and for the species, with a reasonable assurance of the 
seed being true to type.  Many other pieces of data pertaining to the plants 
could be added, such as its provenance, as well as photos and cultural 
information.  And it could be web based.  Hmmm.  It sounds a lot like a Study 
Group offshoot of the main PBS wiki, with more detail, and a restricted access.
   I'd enjoy working on this project, as I'm immersed in learning web and 
database programming, after a 20 year hiatus from that world. It will be a month 
or two before I get all the pieces under control for a project like this.  But 
it would give me something to do in the real world, something I have a great 
interest in.

Dave Brastow, Tumwater, Washington  - Enjoying our 6th week of weirdly sunny and 
warm weather.

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