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Tossing out an idea here. There is a widget called a QR code (square shape with lines and squiggles in it) that links the scanning cell phone to a webpage or display text or SMS or vCard info for texting or calling. 

This website explains it all and it's very simple to use.


This site allows you to enter some text and then create a QR code to print on whatever you like - label, paper, mug, shirt. My experience is that a laser printed item last lots longer outside than inkjet printing. Perhaps print a sticky label, attach to substrate and place next to the bulb. We use the Paw Paw Everlast Label Company's metal plant label holders, now with stainless steel legs.

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I made a raised bed from railroad ties about 8' x 34' and created an excel spreadsheet of one foot squares, dropping circles and labels on it for the plants.  I refer to this as my 'candy map' in deference to the chocolate companies that invented them for the lids of assorted chocolates (Actually, the cognoscenti don't need these maps as the chocolate swirls on the tops of the candies are a code describing the contents).  
Markers comprised of roofing nails driven into the ties mean I don't need to take a measuring tape when I go out to work on the bed.
Addressing another problem I occasionally deal with, taking notes in the rain, I purchased some Neenah Paper Tyger water and tear resistant paper to print the 'candy map' onto when I go out and make changes.  Excel paginates my map into seven 5' x 8' pages so I just print out the page(s) I'm working on.
Works for me,
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 Bob that's the idea of the century, I would love to dump all those yukky labels in the garden & scan my bulbs for location in the garden, name, date planted, location found etc.. It would be a fantastic adaption to the whole plant world.
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Speaking of labels, I think it’s high time someone started putting microchips in bulbs, in order to be able to locate the bulbs using modern technology, rather than with a very sharp trowel.

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