Weedy Tulips - T. clusiana

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Sun, 29 Mar 2015 13:38:19 PDT
Tulipa clusiana DC = T. stellata Hook., “very stoloniferous”, “its true home being further [sic] east in Iran (in orchards around Shiraz, Afghanistan, (Kabul), Pakistan (Chitral) at 1250-2500 m.” The red and white one. 

Tulipa clusiana f. dinae Raamsd. = T. clusiana var. chrysantha Sealy; T. stellata Hook. and T. stellata chrysantha Hook. The red and yellow one. 

(from The Genus Tulipa, by Diana Everett)

Bob Nold
Denver, Colorado, USA

who went out to dig up some very young T. clusiana to see whether or not they were stoloniferous and abandoned the project at a depth of 15 cm. 
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