More things popping

Joey Russell
Tue, 24 Mar 2015 05:25:41 PDT
I am delighted with the Narcissus bulbocodium I bought from the BX.  The 
tags are quite worn off so I'm not sure exactly which is which but they are 
so cool.  The Crinums made it through the winter as well!  Here's to the 
future!  My first Fritillaria meleagris is blooming and I love enjoying the 
conversation here while watching these flowers "go through their motion" 
from laying on the ground to forming their flower!  So many winter hardy 
daffodils and other Narcissus, when is a good time to dig up the clumps and 
divide them?
I have been using these chicken wire cages (small mesh) for some bulbs and 
if you leave part of the cage sticking up out of the ground the rodent may 
have a harder time finding its way into it although I've experienced some 
rodent (pocket gopher or vole?) climb up over the top and into the 
container!  I love the idea about the rocks making it harder to tunnel and I 
will incorporate this in my beds to be sure.  We have so many lava rocks to 
work with here and I will add that with our lava rock outcroppings the 
rodents can make beautiful living quarters in which to sally forth!  The 
garden is looking too wonderful with things popping up, welcome spring!

Joey Russell
No. CA zone 6 or 7 depending on the year!

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HK asked:"What are plastic mesh pots that these rats spot?"
These are the green square containers in which  strawberries are sold. Years 
ago I ordered a bundle of them (against the better advice of another 
participant in this forum) and still have some left. I should not have 
called them pots, but I was thinking of the mesh pots I recently obtained 
from Growers Supply Co. Those have not had the rat test yet.
Jim McKenney

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