A question for those who grow Chionodoxa...

Travis O enoster@hotmail.com
Fri, 27 Mar 2015 09:09:41 PDT

I am attempting to simplify a way to sort out the different species of Chionodoxa based on floral morphology. The available keys (including the European Flora, thank you Jim Waddick!) separate species by variable characteristics like flower size, height, color, and flower number with only minor attention morphological details. These characteristics can be manipulated with differing growing conditions (for example: Shade vs. Sun, fertile vs. infertile soil, etc.)

I hypothesize that species can be differentiated by the filaments, at least into groups (if not to species level). My hypothesis is as follows:

"Luciliae types" have filaments of unequal length, parallel edges.

"Forbesii types" have even filaments with tapered edges.

I would like to test this by examining  pictures of the different species with the filaments in focus, preferably macro shots. I am requesting photos from PBS list subscribers who grow any of the species and are confident with their identity (i.e. you grow them in pots, or only possess a single species).

Kew only recognizes two species, C. luciliae and C. forbesii, but I would be interested in any species available.

If anyone has pictured they can share, please contact me privately at enoster@hotmail.com

I will share the results here, and if I learn anything useful I'll add the information to the PBS wiki.


Travis Owen
Rogue River, OR


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