The "real' stoloniferous T. clusiana

Jim McKenney
Mon, 30 Mar 2015 13:12:05 PDT
Bob, you evidently did not understand what I meant when I wrote " “No such thing as Tulipa clusiana var. clusiana or Tulipa clusiana f. clusiana exists in nature.”
Note that one of those taxa is ranked at the rank varietas, the other at the rank forma. 

Those ranks imply (to me anyway) sexually reproducing populations. It makes no sense to rank clones at those ranks.
What I was saying was shorthand for saying what I've been saying over and over: the original pentaploid Tulipa clusiana does not exist as a sexually reproducing population. 
I've dealt with the "genetically identical" issue in another post.
I don't doubt that something seeds for you, but have you had its ploidy level ascertained? Or can you be sure the seeds are not the result of apomixis?
Jim McKenney    
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