Families in the former Liliaceae

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Yes, the Alliaceae are now thrown in with the Amaryllidaceae. These are in the Asparagales which is sister to the Liliales. The reduced Liliaceae is now a relatively small family with a lot of the other genera now in smaller families.
I still see the Alliaceae as a separate and nice family, but then Agapanthaceae would have to be recognized too. I am sure we'll see another paper soon that supports more concise families in the now broadly circumscribed Asparagaceae and Amaryllidaceae. 


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I have been informed that there is no longer a family Alliaceae, and 
that genera formerly in that split of the once-upon-a-time Liliaceae 
are now in the Amaryllidaceae. Is this currently correct?

Alliaceae made sense to me from the morphological viewpoint, but the 
author of a book I reviewed online criticized me for thinking it had 
been omitted from her list of families as a typographical error.

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