Phaedranassa Virdiflora (Rick Buell)

Rick Buell via pbs
Mon, 11 May 2015 07:37:07 PDT

This has been very helpful--thanks all! I'm obviously keeping mine too shallow and too dry in dormancy. I don't mind having extra offsets though, and would like to swap (if anyone is interested) since mine are of a generic clone.

Rick Buell
On Mon, May 11, 2015 10:18 AM EDT Diana Chapman wrote:

>I agree with Nhu.  Mine bloom well, and I have found all Phaedranassas 
>to be very un-fussy about the potting medium.  You might try planting 
>them deeper, they do not want the bulb exposed.  Deep planting tends to 
>discourage offsetting and therefore the bulb can get large enough to 
>produce a flower bud.  Mine never dry out.  The climate here is very 
>cool and damp, so even without watering there is moisture in the medium 
>and I water them about once a month in winter.

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