Calochortus convergence

Giant Coreopsis
Sat, 02 May 2015 22:42:28 PDT
Kipp, in the Santa Monica Mountains I have seen Calochortus catalinae, C. clavatus var gracilis and C. plummerae all distributed near each other along the same trails, with at least two of the three overlapping within feet of each other. Actually all three may occur within feet (certainly yards) of each other in places, but it is hard to tell because they bloom serially. Also in the mix are D. capitatum, Bloomeria crocea and Fritillaria biflora (and Lilium humboldtii var oscillatum ... which I mention  because it is nearby, though really in a different drainage situation from the others).  So I guess to Travis's point, maybe once the conditions favor geophytes it is not that unusual to get a variety in one spot?? Chris

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> And to focus just on Calochortus for a moment: Do people know of other localities where so many species (4 in this case) occur in literal feet-apart proximity?
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